20 Weird Facts About the Human Body That May Leave You Scratching Your Head

Our bodies hide many mysteries. We bet you’ve wondered at least once why people hiccup or how many mosquitos are needed to drink the blood of one entire person. All these and many other questions already have scientific answers.

Bright Side collected the most interesting facts about the human body. We bet you haven’t even suspected many of them. At the end of the article, there is a bonus tidbit that reveals a method plastic surgeons use to determine the best breast proportion sizes.

1. Humans and slugs have a lot in common.


Humans and slugs have many more common features than you’d think at first glance. Our DNA is 70% identical to the DNA of slugs. A long time ago, all animals had one common ancestor just like plants: the DNA of a human and a banana are 50% identical. Therefore, a human is half a banana or 40% cucumber. All living creatures on Earth are relatives to an extent — this simply means at some point in time, our development had taken a different path.

2. Humans can have an extra rib.

1 out of 200 humans is born with an extra rib. Medical professionals call this a cervical rib. It is located above the clavicle and almost never bothers the person.