12 Crucial Mistakes That Shorten Our Pets’ Lives

Many of us have pets that we love and we try to take good care of them. But we often make mistakes because we don’t have all the right information. Improper care can lead to serious consequences like diseases and a lot of stress for both the animals and their owners.

We at Bright Side really love animals, so we decided to find out which mistakes pet owners make really often.

Mistake 1. Feeding cats with dry food and meat at the same time


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At the very beginning, you should choose what you are going to feed your cat — dry cat food or natural food. If you decide to feed your cat both, it can have a negative effect on their digestive system. If you choose natural food, you should consult a professional vet on the list of foods you can feed them. Also, don’t forget to change their water at least once a day. It’s very important that cats stay hydrated.