12 Parenting Hacks to Help Your Kid Become More Independent

Most parents want their kids to be more independent. This means your little ones wake up, brush their teeth, get dressed for school, and don’t mix up their left and right shoes — and the main thing here is that they do it all by themselves without any help. It’s a parent’s dream come true, right?

We at Bright Side have collected these smart parenting hacks that will hopefully teach children how to become more independent. We couldn’t wait any longer and invited this adorable young man to our office to check if these tricks really worked. By the way, ice cream, bubbles, and lots of love and attention served as the foundation of our friendship, so no children were harmed during the testing process.

How not to spill bubble solution

Every parent has faced this problem at least once. On the one hand, your kid gets excited about catching the bubbles. On the other hand, he wants to hold the container with the soapy liquid and blow the bubbles himself. Pretty challenging task for one little guy, don’t you think? As a result, the spilled bubble solution makes the floor very slippery and leaves your child upset about the whole thing. Try this simple trick: stick the container to the chair using some tape. This way your kid will get his new cool no-spill bubble tumbler to play with.

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