7 Symptoms of Dangerous Diseases Ignored by Many Women

The diseases that women can experience can be sneaky — their symptoms are often hard to distinguish from the pain they get before a period. But you can get the upper hand if you visit a doctor as soon as you notice certain worrying signs which you should learn to recognize. For example, people who are diagnosed with breast cancer at an early stage survive in more than 90% of cases.

We at Bright Side decided to tell you about those symptoms which can indicate that you might have a serious disease in the future.

7. Increased urinating


What it means: increased urinating can be a sign of something more than just problems with your kidneys or urinary tract. It can point to a hormonal imbalance or indicate that there is something wrong with the vaginal microflora. And if you urinate often and feel very thirsty, it may be a sign of diabetes.

How to recognize there’s a problem: sometimes it might seem to you that you visit the bathroom too often, when actually you don’t. It’s considered normal to visit the bathroom from 4 to 10 times a day if you drink the usual amount of water. If you notice that you urinate more often, see a general practitioner or a urologist.


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