10 Great Housekeeping Hacks for Naturally Cleaning Your Home

It’s true that a lot of cleaning products, detergents and other household supplies do more harm than good. It’s impossible to completely withdraw from using household chemicals, but you can try to reduce your use of them.

The Bright Side team has selected some awesome tips that will help you clean your house using products easily found in any kitchen.

Bathroom tiles

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You will need:


1/4 glass of hydrogen peroxide
1 tablespoon of liquid soap
1/2 glass of water
How to use it:

Mix all ingredients.

To clean superficial dirt, put the liquid on a sponge and give the tiles a wipe. Then wash the surface with water.

If the tiles are really filthy, put some liquid on them and on grout as well. Leave it for 10 minutes. During this time, dirt will dissolve and it would be easier to clean it off. Repeat the process one more time and wash the surface with water.

If you want your bathroom to stay clean for a long time, use the following technique: mix water and vinegar in the ration of 1 to 1 and spray tiles and grout with this liquid twice a week.


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