10 Solid Ways to Decrease Stomach Bloating

Bloating is one of the most bothersome stomach problems, familiar to practically everybody in the world. People’s description of this symptom might vary, but the main concern is always the same: the feeling of increased pressure in the abdomen. It can be associated with many other stomach issues like irritable bowel syndrome, but it can come independently after a heavy meal or with the wrong diet.

We at Bright Side are always trying to provide you with the best ways to maintain your health. So here are 10 ways to save yourself from bloating and its annoying pain.

1. Mindful eating
10 Solid Ways to Decrease Stomach Bloating

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You can prevent bloating by eating slower and in smaller portions. If you pay actual attention to what you are eating and be more mindful about your food intake, this might help you to enjoy food more, as your brain will have time to actually process what you are putting in your mouth. Also, it will lower the amount of air bubbles that you swallow with your meal which are the disastrous cause of bloating in the first place. Just slow down and enjoy yourself for a second so you won’t have to suffer after a delicious dinner.

This way of eating is called mindful eating. It means that you must think about your food intake as a way to treat your body well and not abuse it. Fundamentally, mindful eating is all about not hurrying so you can savor your food, cooking your own meals, hydrating your body, not multitasking, and, most importantly, respecting your body and health.