There Are No Surprises Left in the World. But Here Are 23 Facts That Prove the Opposite

To this day, only 0.001% out of all kinds of creatures have been studied, which means that this world still hides many mysteries and secrets. Maybe that’s the reason why no living person is able to know everything about our planet? In this article, we tried to find some answers to some of the mysteries surrounding our globe.

Bright Side collected 23 amazing facts that may change your idea of the world. At the end of the article in the bonus section, you will see proof that necessity is the mother of invention.


The tallest men live in the Netherlands. The average height of the Dutchman is 6ft. And the tallest women are Latvians — their average height is 5’7″.
Baby rabbits are called kittens and not bunnies as we’re all used to thinking.

There Are No Surprises Left in the World. But Here Are 23 Facts That Prove the Opposite