Facts About Life in Japan That Could Baffle Any Foreigner

Money may not be able to buy love, but in Japan, it can certainly buy the appearance of love. You can hire a professional actor who becomes whatever a client asks them to be. You can even rent a baby for a couple of days — there are agencies that will eagerly rent them out. One of these agencies is called Family Romance which was established by Ishii Yuichi 8 years ago.

The main objective of the agency is to help people cope with loss or loneliness. But there are different kinds of requests, for example, to play a role of a wife’s lover or to apologize for a businessman who made a mistake. Once, the agency even had to perform an entire wedding with the participation of 50 actors. The client had to pay $18 million for that!


This job has its downsides though. The actors are often single and afraid to lose themselves in the roles they have to play. Very few people know who they really are and they can’t talk about their personal lives — that is why other people are attracted to their fake personalities.

4. Towns behind walls

Facts About Life in Japan That Could Baffle Any Foreigner


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