Facts About Life in Japan That Could Baffle Any Foreigner

It’s not easy to apologize, and most people would like to avoid it entirely if possible. There are special agencies in Japan that will do it for you. Besides, “apology experts” in these agencies are good psychologists and can help you get out of very sticky situations.

Prices of such services can vary depending on the type of apology and the agency’s size. Personal apologies cost $240 on average, and telephone or email apologies cost around $96. Some agencies can charge hourly ($33 per hour on average).


Some agencies prefer not to show their price lists on their websites and provide consultations by phone. Apology options can be quite unusual, like those designed for sensitive or quick-tempered people, for example.

6. The “boredom rooms” for workers

Facts About Life in Japan That Could Baffle Any Foreigner


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