Facts About Life in Japan That Could Baffle Any Foreigner

The problem of loneliness is very prevalent in Japan. That is why Japanese people like to visit venues where they can get rid of this feeling for at least a short period of time. For example, there is a place called Soineya (literally, “sleep together shop”) where one can sleep alongside a beautiful girl. No sex, just sleeping and cuddles.


Usually, customers have to pay an entrance fee (approximately $27) and all the other services are charged in accordance with the price list. For example, 20 minutes of co-sleeping is priced at $27, while an hour would be around $54. There are also optional services that are charged separately. For example, services can include sleeping in girl’s arms, petting a girl on the head, staring at each other, sleeping on a girl’s lap, and so on — every act has its own price.

8. Night hostess clubs

Facts About Life in Japan That Could Baffle Any Foreigner


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