Facts About Life in Japan That Could Baffle Any Foreigner

One more way for Japanese men to cope with loneliness is by going to a “kyabakura” club where a man can talk and drink with pretty women for money, of course. Cheaper kyabakuras will be around $27 for 40-60 minutes, while more expensive ones cost $45 — $137 for 45-90 minutes.

The girls who work in a kyabakura are often called geishas, kyaba-jo, or hostesses. Their job is to entertain customers with drinks and conversation. In traditional kyabakura, girls don’t provide sexual services. In fact, customers can be kicked out of the club if they try to simply hug a girl.


These clubs are very popular among businessmen, and a visit to a kyabakura can be a bonus given to successful employees. But, of course, the main customers going to a kyabakura consist of lonely men who don’t get enough warmth and attention from their families.

9. Cafés with places for lonely customers

Facts About Life in Japan That Could Baffle Any Foreigner


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