10 Tremendous Ecological Projects That Make Our Planet Healthier

A plastic bottle is used for 15 minutes on average and takes about 200 years to decompose. About one million plastic bottles are sold in the world every minute. And only 9% of used plastic is recycled, 12% gets burned, and the rest ends up in garbage dumps or the ocean. Because of this we find it in our drinking water and in our bodies (and in the bodies of other animals too). And this is just one of the many types of pollution that is currently taking place on Earth. It seems it’s high time for each of us to think about how we can take part in saving our planet.

viralnf.com is going to list successful ecological projects that have been created by people who care about the pollution problem. Perhaps, you have already taken part in it by throwing a plastic bottle into a special container or by bringing unnecessary things to a recycling center.

1. Footwear made from recycled plastic bottles

10 Tremendous Ecological Projects That Make Our Planet Healthier

The Rothy’s shoe brand creates shoes from recycled plastic bottles. The most popular collection consists of colorful and washable flats which Meghan Markle put on during her recent visit to Australia. The company has already recycled 25 million plastic bottles.

2. Kids furniture made of broken plastic toys

10 Tremendous Ecological Projects That Make Our Planet Healthier

A Dutch project called EcoBirdy creates furniture from broken and discarded kids toys. Apart from making furniture, the company has also launched an educational project about the harm done by plastic and has installed special containers in kindergartens where kids can leave their broken toys. The company has already recycled 25 tons of plastic toys.

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