10 Tips to Help You Heal Dry Eyes

Netra Tarpana is an Ayurvedic specialized treatment which can cure a number of eye conditions including conjunctivitis, dry eye syndrome, watery eyes, corneal ulcers, and inflammations. It is mainly performed by an herbalist while the patient lies down. The herbalist creates a circular form made of black dram dough and places it around the eyes and then slowly pours warm ghee inside the form and lets it sit for 15 — 20 minutes.

During that period of time, the patient needs to move their eyes in 4 different directions to allow the ghee to penetrate the eye socket and nourish it.
Have you tried any of these methods? What is your experience with dry eyes? Please let us know in the comments below.

Illustrated by Anastasia Pavlova for BrightSide.me

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