10 Tips to Help You Heal Dry Eyes

Castor oil is the only type of oil that works as a water retainer, which makes it an ideal medicine for dry eyes because it can prevent tear evaporation. By applying castor oil to dry eyes you will be able to get instant relief and reduce discomfort.

Castor oil creates a soothing feeling for irritated eyes as well. It reduces the burning sensation, redness, and swelling that is caused by dry eyes. Due to its antibacterial properties, castor oil can also treat eye infections and prevent bacteria from entering the eye.

Right before bedtime, while you are lying down, apply 1-3 drops of castor oil into each eye.
While your eyes are closed, massage the oil into your eyes for a couple of minutes
Do NOT apply contact lenses for at least 12 hours after you’ve applied castor oil, this can irritate your eyes even more.
Repeat every night right before bed for a week.

9. Eat some grapes.

10 Tips to Help You Heal Dry Eyes

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