What to Do if You Find Yourself in the Open Sea

It’s no wonder that in such a situation you’ll want to step on solid ground as soon as possible. However, all your rescue measures should be carefully considered. Remember these rules:

If you have no idea where you are, don’t row. Rely on the current. It has more chance of carrying you to land.
Don’t rush into the water if you see a ship in the distance. Don’t try to catch up to it. It’s better to give a signal with a mirror or a piece of can.
Don’t try to signal by fire so as not to endanger your temporary shelter in the form of a raft.
If you were lucky enough to get a few flares, don’t send them up in a void — wait until a ship appears at a distance.
If, among other stuff, you found fluorescein, dissolve it in the water when you see an airplane or ship. It’ll form a bright spot around you which can be easily seen from the air and from afar.
Don’t lose hope

What to Do if You Find Yourself in the Open Sea

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