6 Useful Facts About Vitamin Intake

Reasonable consumption of vitamins makes people healthier and even adds a few years to their lives. But does everyone know how and when we should take them and when they’re dangerous to our health?

Today, Bright Side shows you a memo that tells everything about vitamin consumption.

How to recognize vitamin deficiency?
1) Skin

dry and flaky
small wounds can’t heal easily
unexpected bruises
2) Nails

caring products don’t help
spots, stripes, and ridges
3) Hair

hair loss
gray hair appears
4) Nervous system


depression without reason
poor concentration
lack of energy and a feeling of apathy
But you don’t have to run to a pharmacy if you notice one of the symptoms because the reasons can be absolutely different. You’d better visit a doctor and get tested to know what’s wrong with your health.

How medicine intake influences vitamin absorption:

6 Useful Facts About Vitamin Intake