10 Hottest Anime Girls You’d Like to Go on a Date With

People who have grown up watching animes, there is no secret as to how beautiful anime girls are. Everything from the way they dress, to the way they speak and the courage they have in their heart, anime girls are pretty incredible. Check out the list of 10 hottest anime girls that we have come up with!

10. Saeko Busujima (The High School of the Dead)

Saeko Busujima is the female protagonist of the “Top school of the Dead.” She’s quite tall and contains exceptional fighting skills. She utilizes a wooden sword and while at the Takagi Estate, she updates into a Muratayou. She’s a superb close-range fighter. Saeko is thought of as a reliable ally on the battlefield, and she has spared the protagonist of the series several times.


9. Akame (Akame Ga Kill)

Akame is a silent form of anime with few words to say to anybody unless the subject is food. Youth is no worse than being raised by a devil. She struggles with a goal, rarely complains, remains focused and will offer her heart to anybody she believes is worth being faithful to. Her unique qualities are exactly what makes us adore about Akame