Sex tapes to letting best friend romp boyfriend – Lena the Plug’s wildest moments

Letting best friend romp boyfriend

Lena let her best friend have sex with her boyfriend (Image: YouTube)

The stunning brunette once left fans shocked to their core after she revealed she let her best friend sleep with her boyfriend and even went on to confess why she let it happen.In a video uploaded to her YouTube channel, Lena spoke to the camera with her friend Emily by her side and Adam appearing from time to time throughout the video.Lena told her 900,000 subscribers at the time that she wanted Emily to have sex with Adam so she could “try his penis”.She said: “Girls and guys share their sexual stories with each other.“Friends tell each other everything so Emily has seen pictures of Adam’s d***, she knows all about our sex life, I tell her everything.


And now, I don’t have to tell her, she can just try his penis.”Adam confirmed in the video that he was happy to take part, but felt “pressure” to perform well.He said: “Let me just say, I can’t even wrap my f***ing head around how my life got to the point where I’m engaging in – not only this activity in the first place – but with two girls that look like this.”The three then came off-camera for the threesome, returning to tell fans all their X-rated details.Afterwards, Adam said: “That was probably one of the greatest experiences of my life.”